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Twin Rivers seeks qualified applicants for district committee

In an effort to generate additional revenue, Twin Rivers Unified School District (TRUSD) is looking at how to better utilize many of its assets. To facilitate this process, the District is forming what is referred to as a "7-11 Committee." If you are qualified and would like to participate, we invite you to apply to be a member of the Committee.


The purpose of the committee is to review and analyze real property that is owned by TRUSD and to determine what real property could be designated as "excess" or "surplus" because it will not be needed for school purposes. The committee will then present a report to the Board of Trustees recommending uses for the surplus property or how to dispose of the property (e.g., sale, lease, etc.).


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Posted by: Charlene VanAllen, District Staff, Twin Rivers Unified School District Published:1/26/17
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