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To enhance your child's learning experiences, you can use the links below to access educational websites.
Math Websites
Star Testing Sample Questions - Includes information about the Star test and sample test questions.
enVision Math - Our school's math program.  Each student in Hillsdale has their own username and password in order to access this website.
A Plus Math - Includes flashcards for basic facts, games, and a homework helper.
Cool Math Games - Includes math lessons and games.
Math Playground - Includes basic math practice and math videos.
Math Skills - Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Fun Brain - Play math games.
Language Arts Websites
Star Testing Sample Questions - Includes information about the Star Test and sample test questions.
Starfall - A reading website for beginning readers.
Tumblebooks - A great website that includes books to read online, quizzes and games.
Fun Brain - Includes grammar and spelling games.
Spelling City - Enter your own spelling words and play lots of different spelling games.
Fun Websites
ABCya! - Great site with lots of different games to play.
Toy Theater - Make your own music!
Virtual Keyboard - Play an online piano!
Our new math program, enVision Math, has a wonderful math website that students can use at home.  I have given each student a username and password to access the webpage.  Once the students log on to the website, they can use math etools, the math glossary, watch math concept videos for each topic, and take assigned tests. 
Address for the math website:      www.pearsonsuccessnet.com
Below is a tutorial on how to use the math website:
1.  After you log on to the website, the home page will appear:
  2.  The students can access tests, videos, glossary and etools from this page:
3.  If your child forgets or loses their homework practice math page, they can pull the page up on the math website and print it out.  In order to do this, click on the Student Edition.  Open the student edition.  Click on the topic and lesson to be completed.  Then click on the picture icon to open the practice page.  See below to see what the picture icon looks like:
4.  The students love to use the etools to help them with math concepts:

Even more fun websites!!!

These are a few of Hillsdale's favorite sites for over the summer!!






World of Student Resources

The world of student resources is now available before, during, and after school through the California Learns Student Portal.

Student Portal: http://teens.californialearns.org

User ID: hillsdale

Password: school



Brainpop and Brainpop Jr.

BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and engages students- in school, at home, and on mobile devices. Our resources include movies, quizzes, games, mobile apps, experiments, activity pages, and much more covering hundreds of topics within Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Technology, Arts and Music, and Health. All content is aligned to and searchable by state standards including Common Core.


Username: hillsdalebp

Password: trusd