Hillsdale Elementary



Here are some soccer rules I'm going to tell you because some people are having problems during recess.

  • do not pick up the ball and run with it and throw it in the goal post.
  • do not start fighting when the other team wins the game.
  • also do not start pushing each other people down and thats what starts a fight.


        some people are having  trouble with basketball so here are some rules:

  • Do not fight over the ball and push people down. If two people have their hands on the ball at the same time it is a jump ball. Teams need to take turns throwing the ball in.
  • Pushing is not allowed for basketball or any sport.
  • Play on your own grade's court.
  • Do not run with the ball, dribble it at all times when moving.
  • Teams need to be even, with no more than 6 people on a side. If more people wan tto play, they need to rotate in.
  • SInce there is no referee, you need to play fair and call your own fouls

Football Rules

  • Pick equal teams
  • Only play two hand touch. Don't push too hard so people fall and get hurt.
  • Play only in the field unless the grass is wet. If the field is too wet play on the track.
  • dont fight over anything. If you have a disagreement, go to a yeard duty