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Future of Schools in the Twin Rivers School District


A facility advisory committee reporting to the Superintendent (SFAC) comprised of 24 individuals representing families, teachers, classified staff, transportation, facilities, special education, early education, human resources, principals, police, and communications met this fall to consider Twin Rivers school facility program realignments and consolidation options from a variety of perspectives, including:
          Academic: current performance and trends, special education and English learner programs, preschool programs
          Community: partnerships, access, safety, equity and balance
          Facilities: legal compliance, appropriateness for programs, condition, enrollment capacity, expansion possibilities
          Fiscal: operational costs, revenue generated by enrollment and programs
          Operational: attendance boundaries, transportation implications, surrounding environmental factors, vehicle factors
          Programmatic: program expansion capacity, student demand
As you are aware, education funding from the State has been cut dramatically the past two years. In fact, we received $1,573 (22%) less than expected per student this year alone. Like other school districts across California, we have seen the impact of these cuts in larger class sizes, loss of teachers and loss of programs. During these challenging budget times, we want to limit the reductions we are being forced to make.  Closing an elementary school building can save approximately $500,000, while accommodating students, teachers and programs to other sites. With an increase in enrollment at the schools receiving students, the school community will be able to better maintain programs and staffing.
After a series of meetings and discussion, the SFAC committee was unable to make a preliminary recommendation of program realignment and consolidation for the Rio Linda High School Area in the 2010-2011 school year.  The SFAC committee desires input on other options for K-8 instructional programs that might affect your schools. An example is the possible K-5 and 6-8 grade level realignment. The district is also interested in hearing options for community use for any school that is closed as a part of the possible consolidation process in the 2011-2012 school year. These are only initial considerations and will be brought forward in a series of meetings for public input and discussion. 
In your area, the public meetings will take place December 16th and January 6th from 6-8 p.m. at the Rio Linda Jr. High Cafeteria (1101 G Street). The SFAC committee has also made preliminary recommendations for realignments and consolidations that affect all areas of Twin Rivers.
We invite you to attend these meetings to provide your input on this process and hear about the possibilities for your students. There are also a variety of communication options available if you can’t make the meetings, including:
  • Reviewing all the information on a special web site at www.twinriversusd.org (One of the Quick Links, Facilities Advisory Committee)
  • Sign up for electronic newsletters related to Realignment and Consolidation from the web site www.twinriversusd.org (bottom of the page).
  • Email comments accepted at SFAC@twinriversusd.org
  • Written comments and ideas accepted at our school site.